I hope you have been keeping well and had the opportunity to resume boating in some form – one forgets how fantastic a club and venue DBSC is!

Some of you are eager for the return of club racing, but, unfortunately, that must remain on hold until a later time. We have been continuously following Government and RYAS guidelines with respect to the safe return to club activities, and the current situation is as follows:

– Informal self-organised competition amongst members is allowed. Apps, such as BeatRacing, can provide a platform to formalise and quantify the competition.

– Club organised competition (i.e. club racing) is allowed, but restricted to 15 people from no more than 5 households.

The restriction on club racing is because it must adhere to Government rules on gatherings and recreational activities. The 5 household limit effectively limits the number of boats allowed in a club organised activity to 5. This is far fewer than the number of sailors socially sailing on Wednesdays and Sundays. Consequently, not everyone currently sailing would get a chance to race, and those that do would have fewer competitors than the current informal set-up.

We have therefore made the decision to delay the restart of club racing until a time where it can be open to all who wish to compete. I hope you understand the decision and can soldier on for the time being.

It’s been amazing seeing so much enthusiasm for sailing – please do carry on!

Happy Sailing,


RC Sail