April’s newsletter was put out yesterday, and there was some exciting news! Here’s a quick summary for those who don’t like email:

Dinghy Sailing should now be accessible to all members following ScotGov’s recent announcement regarding travel. Informal Sunday club racing (NON-Contact, no mixed-household) will take place over the next few weekends. DBSC Club racing calendar starts 23rd May. Another update with all the finalised details will be released soon.

Dinghy Parking this year has been made interesting by the remediation works. All members who want to park their boats at the club MUST provide details (even if your boat(s) are already at the club). If you have provided your boat(s) details to Membership Secretary during renewal, thank you. If not, please check emails/facebook for the form

Training is soon to return. Keep your eyes peeled. Any instructors who have not yet received the annual update should contact the training team.

Membership renewals this year have come through quicker than previously, so thank to all those who have renewed so promptly. If you have not received your renewal request, or have any questions, contact the Membership Secretary.

Covid-19 is sadly not past us, so please remember that it is still essential we follow the guidlines; social distancing, hand-washing, stay away if you don’t feel well and check-in any time you are at the club. For more details see https://dalgetybaysc.org/member/covid-19-status/Happy sailing!