COVID-19 Status

This page has information and updates on the club's COVID-19 statusUpdated 29 August 2020.

Test and Protect
It is now a mandatory requirement that facility operators collect and keep for 21 days, contact details for visitors to their premises. It is also now a mandatory requirement for organisers of boating activity, such as musters or regattas, to collect and retain the contact details for all participants. You should be prepared to give your details when requested.

Physical distancing requirements are still in place
People must stay a minimum distance of 2 metres apart when meeting others from outside their household, unless in an organised ‘field of play activity’ via a club or training centre.

Core principles:

Members are expected to follow national guidelines as updated from time to time.

Members should read and follow the guidelines published by the RYA. It is important that:

We will, as a boating community, take a considerate and conservative approach

  • Considerate of others: be mindful of the potential impact that you could have on other water users and local communities. Do not place unnecessary extra strain on the RNLI and emergency services
  • Conservative of risk: help to minimise risk by taking an extra conservative approach to your boating


  • You may sail with up to four other households on a boat and with no more than fifteen people.
  • Participants are encouraged to use their own personal equipment during this phase, or to have equipment allocated to them for exclusive use during a set period. This equipment should be cleaned appropriately before being allocated to another user.
  • Participants must only take to the water in conditions well within their ability and which assume a self-sufficient approach to their activity.
  • Competition can now be organised in line with the RYA Scotland guidance to Clubs and Recognised Training centres
  • Check your equipment thoroughly, particularly engines and fuel, as they may not have been used for some time. Consider using a device to keep in touch such as RYA SafeTRX on a mobile or carry a VHF and notifying someone ashore of your intended activity, anticipated time afloat and calling them when you are back ashore safely.

What do you have to do?

A core component of the new guidelines is that every club must have a track and trace system. There must be a system in place to record who was on site, and who was in a bubble. What we are going to do is:

  • Use the Checkincognito system. It is used by many pubs and restaurants and is on the list of systems suggested by the British Beer and Pub Association. It is easy to use, and it will be a familiar process for most. In the highly unlikely event of nobody in a group having a smart phone, the group can record their visit from a PC at home. Everyone needs to check in.
  • All information about the bubbles in the racing “field of play” – the racing bubble, the RIB bubbles(s) and the Race Box bubble will be recorded on the race sheet. All participants will give the PRO their details, and he/she will record that information. That avoids (for example) sharing pens.
  • All information about the training field of play – a present a single bubble - will be recorded on the Training Register.
  • Any other bubbles on the “non-racing/non-training field of play” (social sailing) should be notified to John MacKenzie (the club’s COVID Officer) and Iain Tait (Rear Commodore Training) using
  • Single handed sailing, or same household sailing (so anything that is allowed at the moment) is not affected by the requirement to record a bubble (but you do need to check in with Checkincognito). Only mixed household “non-racing/non-training” boats need to be notified as a bubble.

The important aspect is recognising the fields of play, and recording the bubbles. Those who do not provide contact details should not be allowed to participate.

The objective in creating the bubble is to allow participants from different households to sail together. If you are sailing with someone from another household you should carefully consider the RYA guidelines on mitigation of risks on board. The guidance can be found here:

When not in the bubble, and when at the club and encountering (not meeting or gathering with) people in other bubbles, normal social distancing rules apply.

Specific guidance for types of boating in Phase 3

Plan - Your Activity

Planning your boating activity is key to ensuring you protect yourself and others around you.

  • Consider your activity type, destination and timescales.
  • Consider your options for changing pre and post activity.
  • Check the weather, sea state, location of launching and the location you may be visiting during your activity.
  • Check your destination availability – Do you have carparking availability? Is your intended mooring available? Have you considered rural community impact? Have you taken enough supplies to not go ashore or utilise destination shops?
  • Do you have a contingency plan?

All these factors will help you support your decisions to whether you are able to participate in your activity. Planning to make your activity fun, safe and enjoyable is equally as important as planning to reduce the potential spread of COVID 19

Prepare - Your Craft

  • Have you checked your craft is ready and appropriate for your activity?
  • Have you checked your personal life saving equipment?
  • Have you checked your communication systems?
  • Have you planned the journey?
  • Do you have a shore contact?

Deliver - Your Activity

  • Be considerate of others on and off the water.
  • Be conservative in your approach to your sport and do not take any unnecessary risk that may put you or others in danger.
  • Avoid busy areas where physical distancing is not possible.

We would recommend that you do not launch at locations where you cannot maintain physical distancing for example crowded beaches or hot spots.

Review - Your Activity

  • How did it go?
  • What impact have you had on your destination?
  • Would you change any elements of the trip/activity/sport?

Consider how you can ensure you play your part in reducing the spread of COVID 19.

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