Policies & Guidance

This web page contains policies & guidance for the safe and enjoyable use of the club’s sailing facilities.  All members are required to familiarise themselves and comply with these when taking to the water at Dalgety Bay Sailing Club or using the club’s facilities.


One page “Checklists”

Members Policies and Guidance

Training Policies & Guidance

Race Officer Policies & Guidance

RIB Policies & Guidance

General Safety Policies and Guidance

Raft & Moorings Policies and Guidance

Forth Ports

Firth of Forth Notices to Mariners are issued by the Chief Harbour Master.

The relevant Forth Ports Byelaw (30) states “No person of less than 16 years of age shall be in charge of a power-driven vessel having a power unit installation in excess of ten horse power as rated by the manufacturer or having a potential speed in excess of 8 knots in still water”.

** Note, the club has a speed limit of 5 knots within moorings area and racing area when a race is underway, unless in the event of an emergency.

RNLI Safety Guidance

The Six RNLI Sea Safety Rules

  1. Wear a lifejacket – whenever you go boating.
  2. Training – understanding your boating activity is essential
  3. Inform – tell others where you’re going and when you’ll be back
  4. Engine and fuel check – all is in order, with sufficient fuel?
  5. SOS Device – carry at least one means of calling for help
  6. Tides & Weather – check the present and future conditions before heading out