The RYA Guidance has changed again. For the most part it is business as usual. However what has changed is the “bubbles”.

In brief, it is still ok to have a “field of play bubble” with 30 people. That works for us for most things. The Sunday racing has seen about 20-24 people on the water, two on a RIB and one in the racebox. Well within the 30 limit.

However, now, if we want to have multiple bubbles at the same time (so 30 people in the race bubble, 4 in a non-racing sailing bubble, 4 in a keelboat, and 10 in a training bubble) then we:

“need to consult with relevant local authorities, environmental health, the police or other body responsible for the safety of the public. Agreement must be reached with these bodies before the training, event or competition takes place Please note that this may take a number of weeks. In such cases, organisers and deliverers should undertake comprehensive risk assessments to ensure that these bubbles do not mix at any time including before, during or after the activity.”

Rather than attempt a large scale consultation exercise while the situation is so fluid, we are going to impose a 30 person limit for club activities. We can only have one bubble at a time, and people cannot join more than one bubble each day. What this means is that we will need to be careful about scheduling activities, such as the RYA Academies, and the Club Championships.

The RYA have indicated to us that members can still go for a sail, but must still comply with national guidelines. So what we lose is the ability of members to go for a sail with mixed households, but not take part in the racing or training. Mixed households will only be allowed within “organised boating activities”. Social sailing by individuals, and families can continue outside the “field of play activity”.