COVID Guidelines update
The RYA have issued updated Guidelines that will allow us to return to (almost) sailing as usual. The only additional restriction is the requirement for a “Track and Trace” system to be put in place. The guidelines say:
“It is a mandatory requirement that club and centre operators collect the name, contact number, date of visit, time of arrival, and where possible the departure time of all those attending facilities or activities. Where attending as a small household group, the contact details for one member – a ‘lead member’ – will be sufficient.”
Members and visitors must check-in using the QR code that will be shown on posters around the club. The data will be stored for 21 days and then deleted, and will only be disclosed if required by NHS Scotland. If no one in your group has a smart phone, you can check in from your home PC using the link at You must check in the same day as you visited the club.
Effect of the new guidelines
Given the new guidance, we should be able to, from the weekend of 5/6 September:

  • Restart racing as usual
  • Provide rescue cover as usual
  • Allow visitors (eg coaches)
  • Restart training

It may take some time to organise these activities, but at least now we can think about it. Unfortunately the changing rooms will remain closed and the restrictions in relation to the bar remain the same.


For organised sailing activity (which we have been advised should be anything using the club grounds), a ‘field of play’ can be created that allows contact whilst the activity is taking place, in effect suspending physical distancing guidelines for participants for the duration of the activity. Normal physical distancing guidelines will still apply before and after the activity takes place and social/public gatherings of more than 15 people and households are still not allowed.

For organised sailing activity, the overall field of play can contain further smaller bubbles within it. For example, a regatta field of play may contain a bubble for each boat, a bubble for the committee boat and a bubble for the mark layers. Similarly, a club regatta field of play bubble may contain a single bubble for dinghy racers and safety boat crew and a separate bubble for race officials.

For smaller organised sailing activity such as group coaching or training it is equally acceptable to have a single bubble cover all participants, safety crew and instructional staff.

A venue can host more than one activity in a field of play eg junior training alongside open racing. No bubbles can come into contact with each other at any time throughout the day, unless in an emergency rescue situation. This means that we will proceed on the basis that rescue cover is provided on a socially distanced basis, unless an emergency.

The maximum number of people in a bubble is 30.

This is all best illustrated by an example. There is a diagram on the website that tries to illustrate how the fields of play and bubbles would work. See

What do you have to do?

A core component of the new guidelines is that every club must have a track and trace system. There must be a system in place to record who was on site, and who was in a bubble. What we are going to do is:

  • Use the Checkincognito system. It is used by many pubs and restaurants and is on the list of systems suggested by the British Beer and Pub Association. It is easy to use, and it will be a familiar process for most. In the highly unlikely event of nobody in a group having a smart phone, the group can record their visit from a PC at home. Everyone needs to check in.
  • All information about the bubbles in the racing “field of play” – the racing bubble, the RIB bubbles(s) and the Race Box bubble will be recorded on the race sheet. All participants will give the PRO their details, and he/she will record that information. That avoids (for example) sharing pens.
  • All information about the training field of play – a present a single bubble – will be recorded on the Training Register.
  • Any other bubbles on the “non-racing/non-training field of play” (social sailing) should be notified to John MacKenzie (the club’s COVID Officer) and Iain Tait (Rear Commodore Training) using
  • Single handed sailing, or same household sailing (so anything that is allowed at the moment) is not affected by the requirement to record a bubble (but you do need to check in with Checkincognito). Only mixed household “non-racing/non-training” boats need to be notified as a bubble. 

The important aspect is recognising the fields of play, and recording the bubbles. Those who do not provide contact details should not be allowed to participate.
The objective in creating the bubble is to allow participants from different households to sail together. If you are sailing with someone from another household you should carefully consider the RYA guidelines on mitigation of risks on board. The guidance can be found here:
When not in the bubble, and when at the club and encountering (not meeting or gathering with) people in other bubbles, normal social distancing rules apply.
More information, and links to the RYA Guidance, can be found on the website at