The vast majority of maintenance and repair work is done in the open air and scrupulous hand washing and keeping to the recommended 2m safe distancing at all times is considered sufficient precautions for those volunteers who feel comfortable in participating. Where closer working may be required these activities will be assessed with individual personal risk assessments to test if the work is essential and/or alternative work methods are possible. Simple facemasks (as per government guidelines for shopping) may be appropriate especially if working indoors. Use of club equipment e.g. tools, mowers and tractor will require member to sanitize contact parts before and after use.

Members attending to volunteer for maintenance works should be self-sufficient and bring their own sanitiser, masks and refreshments. The club will procure sanitiser to be used on club equipment in due course and will reinstate the handwashing facilities outside the basement as soon as practicable. Until further notice the clubhouse basement, galley, changing rooms and toilets will be closed to members. If members need to enter the building, they must use the disinfectant supplied to clean all contact surfaces upon leaving. We need to respect that the Training Room and toilets are being used by AMEC as their workplace and we need to ensure we do nothing to endanger their staff.

Providing all members adhere to the requirement laid out by the club the additional risk of contagion is considered low, but members who are in the higher risk categories for health or age reasons must should consider the additional risks they are exposing themselves to before deciding to attend and participate in these activities.

Raft usage and Keelboats

It is hoped that using the precautions outlined above that the raft maintenance work can be completed over the next month and the raft made available for launching and used safely to service moorings. It largely depends on availability of volunteers and weather.

Safe use of the raft will require maintaining 2m separation, hand cleanliness and sanitisation after use. This will include only 1 person rowing out to collect the raft and return after use and no more than 2 people on board during use. (solo use is not allowed apart from accessing and mooring up).

It is not anticipated that keelboat launches will be required until after the raft is available to service moorings. Anyone wishing to launch a keelboat must contact RC Shore in advance and agree a safe method of working.

Access to the outboard store needs extreme caution and must be by one person at a time and disinfection of the locks and handles after use.