Membership of Dalgety Bay Sailing Club involves a range of activities and actions. During Covid-19 lockdown, none of those that involve a physical presence at the Club have been possible. However, as and when lockdown restrictions are eased, some activities can once again be undertaken.

The Board has undertaken a Covid-19 Risk Assessment of all our activities, and has agreed on setting up guidelines and restrictions to ensure that everyone can take part in Club activities safely. We have set up a simple ‘traffic light system’ to identify which activities may or may not be safely undertaken. The system is based on Scottish Government restrictions, RYA guidance, and the moderation of risk through our own safeguarding policies and actions.

During full lockdown, there has been a red light on all activities. We hope that we can change lights to orange or even green as the situation improves, and will keep everyone updated on the Club website and through social media.

Here’s the latest expectation for our activities.

  1. Club activities operating at 29/05/2020


The Scottish Government route map1 sets out a phased approach to returning to normal. Across all phases, all members should maintain at all times:

• regular hand washing;

• appropriate cough and sneeze etiquette;

• being acutely aware of the symptoms of the virus;

• engaging with the Test and Protect system; and

• isolating if you have the virus or someone you have been in contact with has had it.

In Phase 1 what the Scottish Government is permitting is unrestricted outdoors exercise adhering to distancing measures and non-contact outdoor activities in the local area – such as golf, hiking, canoeing, outdoor swimming, angling – consistent with the wider rules and guidance applicable to any activity in this phase.

Further guidance will be issued, but in the first phase the core principles are:

Observe social distancing. Please ensure that you maintain 2m separation from others throughout club activities.

Bring hand sanitiser. All visitors to the club should bring hand sanitiser until outdoor hand washing facilities are in place. Wash your hands before you open the gate, and wash your hands after leaving.

Be conservative. Know your limits; look after yourself; keep in touch and, above all, have a plan, and we will underline this with an age old maxim – “If in doubt, don’t go out”. Like other sailing clubs, the club is not planning supervised sailing. So anyone going sailing should be confident that they are prepared for any incident, are experienced enough to self help and have effective communication in case they need help.

Be considerate. Be aware of the impact of your social sailing on the local area and whether our chosen activity and/or location risk putting extra pressure on the RNLI or frontline services.

Read and follow national guidelines. All members are expected to be aware of and follow national guidelines for each of the phases of the lock down.

Finally, be considerate of other members when coming to the club by being aware of your own health and fitness. Coughing and sneezing is likely to be upsetting to some members who could associate that with Covid-19. You should not come to the club grounds if you are unwell.

In terms of practicalities, the traffic light system will notify members of the Board’s guidance and recommendations. The Board will be guided by:

1. Scottish Government guidance and recommendations;

2. RYA Scotland guidance and recommendations;

3. Our legal obligations, insurance cover and club policies.

The members and volunteers will take all reasonable steps to maintain the club grounds, premises and equipment in a safe condition. With an infectious and apparently easily transmissible virus, and with the club grounds being open to the public, there is always going to be a risk, albeit hopefully small, risk of infection through contact with club equipment property. If any member is in a vulnerable or high risk group they should consider postponing their visit to the club grounds until a later phase.

Adrian Bull Commodore

John MacKenzie Vice Commodore