Due to the announcements made by the Scottish Government today, we have made the decision to cancel the DBSC Club Champs scheduled this weekend (10/11 October).
There are a few key reasons for this decision:
  • Contact sports for over 18’s have been prohibited. Whether or not this includes all sailing, it definitely eliminates any mixed-household double handers entered for the weekend and brings about implications for the rib crews which are also manned by mixed-households.
  • The government has advised that those in the Lothians and Forth Valley should not travel outside their health board area – areas that many of the competitors and rib crew for the weekend reside. It’s not necessarily fair to call the event a club champs if some cannot attend unless they ignore government guidance. DBSC is also against providing a motivator for those in the affected areas to ignore the guidance.
  • From the outlook of the public, hosting such an event as this (~18 boats racing together each day) is not in alignment with the current thinking in tackling the COVID-19 situation.
We understand this is not outcome anyone wanted but hope that you can understand the rationale.Stay safe,

Euan Hurter
DBSC Rear Commodore Sailing