Clubhouse booking form

Identity of the hirer
Name of company or organisation
Your email address
Please estimate the number of hours the clubhouse will be needed
(Maximum number of 100 patrons and/or guests admitted)
Please be aware that club members have access to our small bar area at all times, regardless of hires. Members bar and toilets are shared with club members


Dalgety Bay Sailing Club is a Private Members Club which is volunteer-led. Our terms and conditions reflect legal requirements upon us, protection of our reputation within the community and the fact that we operate with paid staff.

You must be a member of Dalgety Bay Sailing Club to hire these premises. Dalgety Bay Sailing Club does not permit any third-party hiring.

Dalgety Bay Sailing Club does not hire out for 18th birthday celebrations. 21st birthdays must be approved by the Rear Commodore Social and Management Committee.

All booking applications must be in writing on the booking form provided. The person signing this form will be considered the Hirer, hereafter referred to as ‘You’ in this document. Where an organisation is named in the application, the organisation will also be considered the Hirer and shall be jointly and severally liable with the person who signs this form.

The Hirer will pay a refundable damage deposit of £100.00 at the time of submitting the booking form. Dalgety Bay Sailing Club will return this to you within 10 days after the event, unless there are any sums which we withhold to meet any unpaid part of the hire fees or the cost of rectifying damage arising during your hiring.

If you wish to cancel the booking before the date of the event and Dalgety Bay Sailing Club is unable to conclude a replacement booking, repayment of the fee shall be in the discretion of Dalgety Bay Sailing Club.

The Hirer must attend the function for which they have hired DBSC. During the period of the hiring, you will be responsible for supervision of the premises, the fabric and the contents, their care and safety from damage, however slight. You will also be responsible for the behaviour of all persons using the premises, whatever their capacity, including proper supervision of car-parking arrangements, so as to avoid danger to members of the public and obstruction of the public highway. You will also be responsible for any damages in the boat park caused by your guests, and for proper supervision of children on the premises. We do not allow Chinese Lanterns or fireworks on DBSC premises because of potential hazards. Please be aware that we are situated in a residential area and ask your guests to leave the premises in a quiet and orderly fashion.

At the end of hiring, the Hirer shall be responsible for leaving the premises and surrounds in a clean and tidy condition*, and properly locked and secured unless directed otherwise by authorised representatives of Dalgety Bay Sailing Club. You should properly replace any contents temporarily removed from their usual positions, return all cables used and close windows. You must also remove all foodstuffs and any temporary decorations from the premises.

*If the Hirer hires the Galley, please see additional terms and conditions for its clean and tidy condition, point 20. Should you not comply with these requirements, Dalgety Bay Sailing Club reserves the right to make an additional charge to you, which may be deducted from your paid deposit.

Please be aware that the DBSC site is a lovely site for a party. But it is also a sports ground full of equipment, and is close to water. This poses a number of hazards for unsupervised children. The hirer should make parents aware of the hazards – slipways, deep water, small cliff, boats, winches and other machinery, moving tractor etc. and supervise accordingly. DBSC will not be responsible for accidents on its premises.

The hire of the premises includes the use of parking facilities. Dalgety Bay Sailing Club reserves the right to ask for any cars related to this hiring to be removed or prevented from parking on site if there are sailing events or other concurrent or overlapping activities on site. Please note that there is no access beyond the car park, unless strictly for purpose of un- or up-loading equipment. Once you have finished unloading, please park in the car park. The boat park is strictly off limits at all times.

You shall not use the premises for any purposes other than that described in your Hiring Agreement. You shall not sub-hire or use the premises or allow the premises to be used for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful way. You may not bring on to the premises anything which may endanger the premises or any insurance policies connected with the premises.

Unless corkage has been arranged when you book, all drinks must be purchased from the bar. The Hirer may not bring alcoholic drinks on to the premises, as this contravenes our Liquor License. Under-age drinking is not permitted. DBSC reserves the right to inspect guests’ bags on entering the premises. Please make sure your guests understand this requirement. You may bring soft drinks for children’s parties on to the premises.

The Clubhouse, decking, access ramps and Boat Park are strictly No Smoking Zones. Please ask bar staff where you may smoke, or use the car park. If you fail to comply with the No Smoking Zones, we will be charge you with a cleaning fee against your deposit. Please ask your guests to be considerate in removing any vaping paraphernalia.

11. MUSIC:
If you intend to play music or have a live band, you agree to inform Dalgety Bay Sailing Club in writing at the time of booking. You must ensure that you keep all noise to a level such that neighbours of the Club premises are not disturbed unduly. The Hirer agrees in any event to terminate all loud noise on the premises by 11.45pm.

You may not cause or allow more patrons and/or guests admitted to exceed the number specified on the application form. Because Dalgety Bay Sailing Club is a Private Members club, you must list all your guests and lodge this list with the club at the time of the event, to comply with Club and Fire Regulations. We will return the list to you after the event.

in case of fire emergency, evacuate everyone in the building to the Top Boat Shed, opposite the Clubhouse as a gathering point. Use the guest list to count heads. In case of minor injury, please ask a member of staff to give you the First Aid kit. In case of major illness or injury, please call 999. Please see Form X for a statement of condition of the Club at time of hire.

The Hirer shall be liable to, and compensate Dalgety Bay Sailing Club for the cost of repair of any damage done by guests attending the event, to any part of the property, including the surroundings or the contents of the building and boat park, because of the hiring.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the electricity supply is appropriate for any equipment used. You must make sure that any equipment used will not endanger, overload or damage the electricity supply, circuits, wiring, plugs, sockets, switchboards or other equipment.

You must acknowledge that Dalgety Bay Sailing Club insurance does not cover the loss of any items left unattended by you or your guests or any other person associated with the hire.

17. In the event of the premises or any part thereof being rendered unfit for the use of which it has been hired, Dalgety Bay Sailing Club shall not be liable to the Hirer for any resulting loss or damage whatsoever.

The Hirer shall allow any duly authorised officer of Dalgety Bay Sailing Club access to the premises or any part thereof at all times during the hiring.


If you have hired the Galley for your function, then, for the safety of your guests and Club reputation, the following conditions apply:

a) You or your caterers must agree to comply with Food Hygiene, Food Safety and Safety at Work Laws, as they apply to your level of food offering. A copy of CookSafe Scotland is in the Galley for your reference. You may also find the Club’s own Food Hygiene Policy and Galley Events Manual useful. All these folders are within the Galley for reference.

b) If you are preparing or cooking food in the Galley yourselves, then you should complete a Single Event Sheet from Fife Council Environmental Safety, which will be in your booking pack. You should fill in this short form at the event and return it to the Clubhouse Manager on the day of the event.


After your event, Dalgety Bay Sailing Club respectfully asks you to

a) Remove all foodstuffs from the Galley, including from the fridge.

b) Clean down all surfaces, including the hob and oven

c) Clean any spillages from the cooker surface and fridge interior

d) Check the floor for spillages and food debris, and remove them

e) Check under the units for spillages and food debris, and remove them

f) Wash up all utensils, crockery etc. in hot water and then rinse them, also in hot water, before drying

g) Replace all crockery and utensils etc. in the correct areas

h) Return your completed Single Event Sheet to the Clubhouse Manager

We value your co-operation in this matter, as we otherwise have to pay our staff to clean, and the cost of their time will be deducted from your damage insurance deposit.